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Pender Harbour photo by A.Davey

Sunshine Coast – Sechelt, Gibsons

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The Sunshine Coast is a geographic subregion of the British Columbia Coast that generally comprises the regional districts of Qathet and Sunshine Coast.

While populous and frequently visited by tourists, the Sunshine Coast can be reached only by ferry (commonly BC Ferries) or by floatplane, as no access roads have been built around or across the fjords separating it from the rest of the province.

The Sunshine Coast is a subregion of the mainland coast of British Columbia. It is bound by Howe Sound to the southeast, Desolation Sound to the northwest, the Pacific Ranges to the northeast, and the Strait of Georgia to the southwest. The region is bisected by Jervis Inlet. The region features a coastal lowland that gradually transitions to steep-sided mountains as you move toward the northeast.

The major islands of the Sunshine Coast include Anvil IslandGambier IslandGoat IslandHernando IslandKeats IslandSavary Island, and most of the Northern Gulf Islands.

The Coast's wildlife includes cougarsblack bears, wolves, marbled murreletorcasgreat blue heronssealssea lions and bald eagles. There are also abundant tide pools with a variety of molluskssea anemones and fish.

At certain times of the year, seal pups may be encountered on the Coast's beaches. They should not be approached, as the mother may abandon them. All wildlife on the Coast should be viewed from a safe and respectful distance.

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