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Have you ever heard of ?

It is a British Columbia web site for personal planning that started in 1995 to help explain the new personal planning document called a Representation Agreement. Nidus means nest in Latin - a safe place to hold important things. has evolved to be a registry and a great source of free information and forms about the different legal documents you need to prepare for typical life events. These documents include Before Death needs like Powers of Attorney and Health directives as well as the different types of Representation Agreements. Upon death, all these other legal documents do not apply so you need a Last Will & Testament to confirm your final wishes. was not only the first but is now the leading Canadian website for this legal personal planning. Nidus has been so successful that it apparently inspired Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People With Disabilities (2008).

An ounce of prevention now is truly much cheaper than the pound of cure it could cost your family if you do not do proper written planning. WARNING - free information is not advice, and forms must be completed properly or the result can be much different than what you wanted.

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