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Who wants crappy ice cream?

Question: Why does LEGAL ADVICE cost so much?

Answer: It is in the ingredients. My 30 years of successful experience practicing law taught me that the best explanations give the reader some practical context so I thought the recent news article about the world's most expensive ice cream would be a good analogy to explain why legal advice costs more than printing a form.

A Japanese ice cream company has achieved the Guinness World Record for the most expensive ice cream: one scoop of its Cellato ice cream is about CDN $9,000 - the price of a used car! CNN reported that the explanation for the high cost was the cost of the ingredients: "Sourced exclusively from Alba – home to what many consider the best white truffles in Italy – that ingredient alone could rake in as much as two million yen ($14,500) per kilogram, said an article published on the Guinness World Records website last week. The ice cream is topped off by an edible gold leaf, two types of cheese and “Sakekasu,” a paste-like ingredient derived from the process of sake-making."

Like expensive ice cream, good legal advice costs more than uneducated guesses because of the ingredients required to qualify a person to be a lawyer. Before being Called to the Bar to be a lawyer, often they must have an undergraduate degree before completing a law degree plus a year of practical training.

The hourly cost of a lawyer then increases with each year of experience as the lawyer learns the answers to many legal questions.

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