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Links from MSN and other various sources with helpful tips for families

Protecting children from exploitation means rethinking how we approach online behavior

Raising children in the digital age is increasingly challenging. Many younger people are relying more on screens for social interactions. They experiment with new media sharing options, such as TikTok, Snapchat and BeReal, but without necessarily having the ability to consider long-term consequences

15 tips for juggling career and childcare

Taking care of kids is a challenge (on the best of days). Add in the stress of the to-dos of a career and the juggle can feel daunting. What’s one to do? We’ve rounded up 15 strategies to help you balance the daily needs of work and parenting.
Parental burnout is real! Here is how to cope with it

Today, the term "burnout" is in common parlance. We use it to describe the feelings of exhaustion and fatigue caused by prolonged periods of stress. The term is most commonly used in a work context, with employees increasingly reporting being overworked and overwhelmed.


15 ways to help your child or teenager sleep better

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for the mental health and physical well-being of children. Here are a few science-backed tips to help your kid—whether they’re a toddler or a teen—get the zzzs they need.

Teaching kids good manners: politeness in everyday life 

In a world that, for the most part, still values respect, kindness, and empathy, instilling good manners in our children is an invaluable gift. The journey of teaching kids how to navigate the intricacies of politeness is both fulfilling and essential. 

Parents: Here’s How to Boost Your Monthly Income 

Parents, you have enough to worry about. But if you can put aside even $40 per month, that can make a difference.

5 steps to stop feuding financially with your partner 

The statistics aren’t great for couples who argue about money. Being on the same page and having a way to talk 

Look out for these common gaslighting phrases 

Gaslighting is a process that might not be that obvious right away. It happens over a long time

Set your kids for life with these simple money-saving tips

Children are never too young to learn about money.

20 tips to help you become the best partner you can be

Successful marriages take work. Forget what rom-coms and novels have told you. Mere love is not enough 


The most mentally strong kids never do these 7 things, says psychologist and parenting expert 

Mentally strong kids can better handle challenges and bounce back from failure. Here's how parents can teach

Balancing work and family life: Strategies for success

In today's fast-paced world, achieving a harmonious balance between work and family life is a universal challenge. We all strive to be successful at work while nurturing our relationships with loved ones. It's a delicate dance that needs to be managed with caution

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