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The Sea to Sky Law Corporation

 Founded in 1991

 Decades of Successful Experience 

Serving all of of British Columbia

especially Metro Vancouver

from White Rock to Whistler and 

Sechelt to Sardis and Beyond

Our Vision

A thorough and practical understanding of the law and an unwavering commitment to deliver the best possible result for our clients. 

Whenever you have any dispute, whether it is a business or personal dispute, Sea to Sky Law can help clarify the facts and law, then help you resolve the dispute with a number of trusted solutions 

Mr. Andrew Liggett

Mr. Andrew Liggett, BA JD CD, Esquire

Our Firm Founder Andrew has decades of successful experience representing clients throughout British Columbia in all levels of court including the Provincial Court, the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.


Andrew completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a specialty in International Relations, after completing a Diploma in general studies and a Certificate in Criminology.  Andrew also completed 17 years in the CAF(R) Military Police and several years as a Provincial Deputy Sheriff. 

A good Lawyer is a busy Lawyer

Andrew Liggett

We Can Help

With decades of succesful experience, Andrew and his team can assist clients quickly and efficiently utilizing software solutions. 

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