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Business Law

Incorporation, Annual Reports and Records Office

Everyone with a corporation is required to have a Minute Book because the legal corporation is the paperwork not the human owner. The corporate Directors are required to ensure all corporate laws are followed eg to update the Minute Book at least once an year with all important documents and decisions of their Corporation, especially the required annual reports for the Corporate Registry confirming who are the elected Directors and appointed Officers, and more !

Many small business owners might remember to submit the required annual report but forget to file in their Minute Book, the signed resolutions for the shareholders and directors, and include other important updates.  If your corporation is struck by the Corporate Registry then it is dissolved legally and you have to quickly apply to the Supreme Court for legal restoration (resurrection) otherwise your corporation cannot legally do any business eg make any contracts nor sue for unpaid income ETC !  Any Supreme Court application is paper-intensive and can cost thousands of dollars!


 We offer this limited time, dramatic discount of $99.00 (plus expenses and taxes) for new corporate clients (you can be an existing client for a different legal need and bring your corporate business to us).  This $99 promotion is for one annual report for each corporation for the first year only (additional fees if more than one shareholder) and you agree to us being your Records Office for two years with regular fees applying in the second year.  The $99 fee is for our time for the normal work required to complete and submit one Annual Report for one corporation and update your Minute Book.  All other work and legal tasks, and the related expenses and taxes, you might require are naturally additional fees for the additional work.

Business Disputes

Business can have disputes whether with their landlord or supplier or employees. With good planning these disputes can be reduced if not prevented eg with contracts confirming how to resolve disputes as well as confirm what each party will do or not do. 

30+ Years Experience

Retain us for your Business matter

Incorporations, Annual Reports, Shareholder Agreements and Records Office have specific retainers and associated costs. Contact us to find out about your options for your corporate needs.

Business disputes often require a Traditional retainer however a DIY Support Services Limited Scope retainer is also an option in some circumstances.


We recommend discussing your situation in a Legal Advice Appointment  or speaking with one of our staff before deciding which retainer would be best for your matter.

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