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New Westminster- Sapperton

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 New Westminister Legal Services

Serving the New Westminster- Sapperton area with a  wealth of expertise in effectively addressing the diverse legal requirements of numerous individuals, particularly in the realms of Family Law, Estate Law, and Business Law.

Family Law  

Family-related legal matters can be extremely stressful, painful, and difficult. As you go through the process of separation or any aspects of family law, it's essential that you understand the law to protect your best interests. Emotions run high when families break down. Depending on how things are handled, there can be long-term, negative consequences for those involved.

We have extensive experience advising clients on a variety of family law matters including:

  • desk order divorces

  • separation and divorce proceeding

  • child support for children under the age 19 (as well as over the age of 19)

  • spousal support

  • child guardianship and parenting arrangements

  • property and debt resolution

  • wealth and asset protection

  • drafting separation agreements

  • drafting settlement offers

  • screening for family violence

  • mediation services.

Free Real Estate Fees

When you enlist our services as registered lawyers with, you open the door to substantial savings. Our affiliation with an approved program empowers registered Lawyers and Realtors to collaborate and share the standard MLS fee, which covers customary conveyance legal expenses. Plus, you'll receive invaluable legal counsel from the outset, all while saving significant funds! To take advantage it's crucial to sign up with us BEFORE entering into any listing agreement with a realtor.

Business Law 

Incorporations, Annual Reports, Shareholder Agreements, and Records Offices have specific retainers and associated costs.
Corporations are required to have a Minute Book because the legal corporation is the paperwork, not the human owner. The corporate Directors are required to ensure all corporate laws are followed eg to update the Minute Book at least once a year with all important documents and decisions of their

Estate Law

Estate Planning- After death you need a Last Will and testament (a Will) so you have someone you trust to carry out your last wishes. A Will is not valid until after death because of course you can change or revoke it at any time, as well as its purpose, is for after death. But a Will does not give anyone any authority before death. After-death planning documents include your Last Will and testament and sometimes Trust or other asset-specific documents including business needs.

Estate Disputes- If there is a dispute about the validity of a Will or the amount beneficiaries are receiving, etc, then we can help you too with our decades of successful experience. We encourage and support the use of mediation to resolve disputes especially when family or friends are involved but if there is no settlement then we can also help you ask the court to resolve the deadlock (litigation).  

Probate Applications- Probate is the process of asking the court to approve a document as being the Last Will and Testament of a deceased person, and it requires an application to the Supreme Court. We can help with the probate and other estate administration needs.

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