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Retainer Options

Sea to Sky Law offers several retainer options depending on your legal needs.

Our Traditional retainer and our DIY Support Services retainer cover most legal needs.

If you do retain our services, any information you share with our firm will be kept strictly confidential.

Legal Advice Appointments - By Phone

Need help deciding if you need a lawyer or what retainer you should pick? A legal advice appointment is a good place to start. We offer paid Legal Advice Appointments instead of a free consultation so that you can get answers to your legal questions.

Please note: We will need to complete a conflict search and obtain two pieces of ID BEFORE your appointment. Please make sure you provide the full name of the Opposing Party when booking a Legal Advice Appointment. If there is not enough time for staff to complete pre-requisites prior to your appointment we may have to reschedule. Any information shared with our firm is kept strictly confidential.

If you need an appointment outside of office hours (evening or weekend) please contact our staff to schedule. 

Traditional Retainer

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A traditional retainer is what most people are familiar with when they hire a lawyer. You hand us the problem and we bill you for the time and expenses required to assist you. The cost of a dispute is determined by the amount of time required to settle the different issues and facts disputed by the opposing parties. A Traditional retainer is a good choice for complicated matters or for individuals who are not good at organizing documents, drafting court forms or calculating numbers.


With a Traditional retainer you hire us to control your legal matter. We will keep you informed about the process, deadlines and any documents or instructions we need to assist you.  

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DIY Support Services Limited Scope Retainer

Many people today need a lawyer but cannot afford a traditional retainer where you dump the problem on the lawyer and pay whatever the invoices might be. Like your annual income taxes, many people are choosing to a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) approach and only ask for legal advice when you choose.


With a DIY Support Services retainer you remain in control of your legal matter (and costs) and you remain solely responsible for all legal needs, deadlines and tasks. You can ask for our help with specific legal tasks such as legal advice by the hour, or assistance with filling out and filing court forms. 

Estate Planning

Discussion or advice about choices or consequences is billed by the hour. Taxes and expenses such as photo copies are not included in the following price list

Estate Documents cost per person:

$495 Custom Will (without a trust)

$195 Power of Attorney

$195 Advanced Directive for Health Care

$295 Codicil

$695 Trust Drafting (in addition to Custom Will fee)

$895 Representation Agreement

Estate Document Package fee - save 20% if you combine 2 or more Estate planning documents (not including will registration)

$85 Will Registration (includes filing fee and report to client with confirmation)

Mirror Wills - First Will is full price, second Will is half price for spouses if the Mirror Wills are identical except for the names of the Will makers (testators)


These are estimated costs, actual costs may be different. Applicable taxes not included.

Incorporation Fees

$395.00 - to create company Articles and Incorporation Agreement

$95.00   - for each additional Shareholder/Director/Officer (Shareholder Agreement additional cost)

$31.50    - Name Approval Request

$351.50  - Incorporation filing fee

$5           - Photocopy and printing charges


Required Minute Book – Choose one of the following

$25   - Basic Minute Book 

$100  - PM118 Minute Book

$120  - Legacy Minute Book 


Annual Report 

$195.00 - Annual Report Filing fee for one Shareholder/Director/Officer

$95.00  - for each additional Shareholder/Director/Officer

$44.97   - Annual report fee

$5          - Photocopy and printing charges

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