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Estate Law

Probate Applications

When administering an estate with a Will, Probate is often required either for the Land Registry to allow transfer of title to the Executor, or to confirm the validity of a Will.

Probate is the process to ask the court to approve a document as being the Last Will and Testament of a deceased person, and it requires an application to the Supreme Court. We can help with the probate and other estate administration needs.

We also have third parties that we can refer to you for many of the other estate administration needs like moving everything out of the deceased's home, cleaning, and selling estate assets.

We can even save you money if you retain us to sell the real estate BEFORE you retain any realtor.

Estate Planning

Most people avoid Estate planning. Estate planning saves your beneficiaries stress and money because you have a written plan. 

For after death you need a Last Will & Testament (a Will) so you have someone you trust to carry out your last wishes. A Will is not valid until after death because of course you can change or revoke it at any time, as well as its purpose, is for after death. But a Will does not give anyone any authority before death. After death planning documents includes your Last Will & Testament and sometimes Trust or other asset specific documents including business needs.

Before death, you can plan for life's accidents and illness and even inconveniences by having a Power of Attorney and a Representation Agreement, Advanced (Health) Directives and a Nomination of Committee.

We recommend looking at the website for more information on Estate Planning documents.

Estate Disputes

If there is a dispute about the validity of a Will or the amount beneficiaries are receiving, etc, then we can help you too with our decades of successful experience. We encourage and support the use of mediation to resolve disputes especially when family or friends are involved but if there is no settlement then we can also help you ask the court to resolve the deadlock (litigation).  

30+ Years Experience

Retain us for your Estate Matter

Whether you need assistance with Estate Planning, applying for Probate of a loved one's Estate or settling an Estate Dispute - We Can Help

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