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Family Law

Separation, Divorce, Child Support, Parenting Arrangements, Asset and Debt Division

Family-related legal matters can be extremely stressful, painful, and difficult. As you go through the process of separation or any aspects of family law, it's essential that you understand the law to protect your best interests. Emotions run high when families break down. Depending on how things are handled, there can be long-term, negative consequences for those involved.

The key to minimizing the emotional stress and coming up with the best possible outcome for all involved? Getting expert legal advice and sensitive, fair-minded handling of the situation. Your most pragmatic decision is to retain an experienced lawyer, someone to provide you expert representation, who will educate you on your rights and guide you to successfully navigate the legal process, whatever that may be.

We have extensive experience advising clients on a variety of family law matters including:

  • desk order divorces

  • separation and divorce proceeding

  • child support for children under the age 19 (as well as over the age of 19)

  • spousal support

  • child guardianship and parenting arrangements

  • property and debt resolution

  • wealth and asset protection

  • drafting separation agreements

  • drafting settlement offers

  • screening for family violence

  • mediation services.

Child Protection

Child protection social workers get involved with a family to investigate allegations about the safety of a child and to develop solutions with the family since it is assumed that the best place for a child is with their family.  If the current caregiver eg parent of the child cannot protect the child from a risk then the social worker will look for another family member to be the caregiver temporarily, until the risks can be reduced with the help of the Ministry eg counseling, treatment, and courses. Experienced assistance from our firm can help make this process less stressful while helping you understand and navigate the complicated Ministry legal system.

30+ years Experience

Retain us for your Family Law Matter

We offer both Traditional Retainers and DIY Support Service Limited Scope retainers to assist clients with their Family Law matters. 

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