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Free Legal Fees

Unlock Savings by Choosing Us First for Your Home Sale!

When you enlist our services as registered lawyers with, you open the door to substantial savings. Our affiliation with an approved program empowers registered Lawyers and Realtors to collaborate and share the standard MLS fee, which covers customary conveyance legal expenses. Plus, you'll receive invaluable legal counsel from the outset, all while saving significant funds!

Picture this: Instead of channeling the entire MLS fee solely to your realtor and paying legal costs at the sale's end, our approach allows you to secure our legal representation FIRST. Subsequently, we guide you in securing a realtor, granting you access to the combined expertise of both professionals. The best part? You receive comprehensive legal advice right from the start, without additional charges.

To ensure these advantages are yours, it's crucial to sign up with us BEFORE entering into any listing agreement with a realtor. The moment you sign the standard listing agreement with a realtor, these exceptional benefits and savings are forfeited, as realtors typically prefer not to share the MLS fee.

Rest assured, you maintain the flexibility to choose a RelexInc realtor of your preference. But remember, these dual benefits, starting with registered professionals and including legal advice, along with substantial legal fee savings, are only attainable by choosing us FIRST.

Make the wise move. Opt for our services as your initial step in the real estate process, securing both experts and unlocking savings. Act now to seize this opportunity!"

30+ years Experience

Retain us for your Real Estate Law Concerns

We offer both Traditional Retainers and DIY Support Service Limited Scope retainers to assist clients with their Real Estate Law matters

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