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Did you know that child support, since it is the right of the child, is a priority for the courts to calculate and enforce. Further, FMEP was created to provide parents with a free collection and enforcement service - even if the other parent does not live in the same Province.

The calculation of monthly child support starts with line 150 of your tax return so you are hopefully paying using an income lower than you receive now.

However, parents have a duty to increase their monthly payments at the time their income increases. Paying more immediately prevents arrears from occurring. The difficulty of course is how to reduce the monthly payment when income drops.

Now we have COVID interfering with both employment and access to court arbitration of support disputes, in addition to the usual loss of income from layoffs and job changes, etc.

Every problem is only solved by either agreement or arbitration. Of course, it is often difficult to make a deal with the other parent because of the loss of trust. As the graphic above explains, mediation is often effective to reduce the issues in dispute.

Now there is a free online mediation service you can use to try and make a deal about child support.

BEWARE - mediators cannot give legal advice and it is very difficult to undo a deal so always obtain legal advice BEFORE you agree to anything.

Know the consequences of your choices!

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