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Consent Orders

The photo of the Chilliwack Courthouse, by John Deacon QC, where I attended a hearing set for all day.

I was able to help another parent achieve a Consent Order, instead of starting a hearing, for family law parenting arrangements at Chilliwack Court. A consent order is often preferable to a trial because now the other parent has conceded by their consent some facts which were in dispute eg the child is safe with the other parent. Often a consent order breaks down an impasse and further negotiations or mediations can build further parenting agreements.

A consent order is also much quicker than a trial which can take many months to complete because often it cannot be completed in one day with conflicting evidence thus you need a continuation of your hearing with the same Judge when everyone is again available. Of course, the Judge you start with has to hear all the evidence, which can take months since the Judge is reserved months in advance with other trials and continuations to also be completed.

However - never agree to anything based on hopes and wishes or assumptions not specified in the Order because it is very difficult to undo a consent order. It is very valuable to have an experienced lawyer by your side to provide objectivity as well as legal advice.

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