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Many people do not know that - in Western Law - there are two kinds of people on the planet = humans and corporations who have many of the same rights as humans. When creating a corporation you are literally creating a new person in law and your choices and those consequences have to be considered in the creation.

Unlike a human, a corporation can be immortal if all annual legal needs are properly maintained. New businesses are of course sensitive to any expense and try to save a few hundred dollars by not using a lawyer to create then maintain their corporation. Often the result is an expense of thousands of dollars to fix mistakes such as a Supreme Court application to restore the corporation after it is struck by the corporate registry, or building the required corporate Minute Book which was never created at the start and completing all required annual reports etc.

Ask today for a review of your corporate needs - an Ounce of Prevention is cheaper than a pound of cure. 778-728-0208

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