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Forged Will

QUESTION = "My dad's 2nd wife forged his Will 10 years after he passed away in order to sell his homestead house that she wasn't on the deed is there anything that can be done" ?

ANSWER = Yes of course you can do something - retain an experienced lawyer quickly! The circumstances above indicate a number of legal wrongs including fraud. In British Columbia, estate law issues are handled by the Supreme Court which can apply both legal and equitable laws to remedy wrongs. It is very serious to commit fraud with the living and even worse to interfere with the last wishes of the deceased who are obviously vulnerable if no one speaks up. Each of us can provide our final wishes about our estate using a document called the Last Will & Testament. If there is no Will then the legislation in the applicable legal jurisdiction applies to distribute an estate.

The Court will take any complaint about the improper administration of an estate very seriously but in Western Law the Court is neutral in deciding any complaint so the Court does not initiate the complaint process - someone has to make the effort to complain and to gather then present the evidence proving the allegations. The Court Rules in addition to different laws help complainants obtain the disclosure required to prove the allegations but you will want an experienced lawyer to help you. We have decades of successful experience helping thousands of people.

We Can help you too anywhere in BC.

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