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On 20 May 2023 the Canadian Press reported that our Federal Court upheld a 2022 decision of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) (see Canlii: IRB decision ID File No.: 0001-C1-00568-01-AH; UCI / IUC: 108152797). This IRB decision held that Ms Kaur had to be deported despite being in Canada for years proving she was the kind of young immigrant we need = a smart, hard worker.

Ms Kaur immigrated to Canada as a student and completed a Canadian business management program then became a supervisor in a Canadian business, as permitted by her official work permit, becoming I assume a taxpayer as we need. She married a Canadian citizen and was in the process of becoming a Permanent Resident and then a citizen.

This IRB decision confirms that all immigrants risk deportation if any of the documents they submit to Immigration Canada are not true even though the document was made by a third party and the immigrant believed it was valid.

The IRB tribunal member held that the Applicant had a sincere belief that the letter from her Immigration Consultant was real but she had not done anything to confirm it was real thus her immigration application was invalid because she was responsible for all facts she represents to Immigration Canada and the letter was not true. Thus it is important that all immigration applicants do not reply on what they are told but confirm personally that each and all facts and documents they are submitting are true.

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