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I am very pleased to announce that the Law Society of British Columbia has confirmed that I am qualified to act as your BC family law mediator and BC family law arbitrator. Whether it is a personal or business issue, all disputes in life are resolved either by agreement or by arbitration usually by a judge in a publicly funded court. A mediator is usually needed to facilitate settlement discussions because of course the parties are not communicating well if at all. Private mediation is often quicker and cheaper than arbitration because the procedural requirements to prove facts with evidence are not needed in a mediation where the parties decide the terms of the agreement not the Mediator, unlike an Arbitrator. Since mediation is confidential and usually voluntary, and there is no imposed decision nor agreement without both parties agreeing, it is often best to try mediation with a qualified Mediator. If there is no settlement agreement then you can continue to arbitration eg court or private arbitration, or even Med-Arb. Arbitration can also be private and confidential so that there is no public exposure of the dispute unlike the public court system but the private arbitration process is usually more expensive than mediation since arbitration requires procedures and evidence rules like court. Our law firm has over 30 years of experience helping thousands of people solve their legal issues. We can help you too!

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