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After death the documents such as your Power of Attorney stop giving any authority thus you need to make a Will to state your decisions and wishes eg who will find, protect and administer your estate then distribute the net value after paying your debts to your named beneficiaries.

Probate is the process to ask a court to approve the Will you file as the Last Will & Testament of the deceased. Technically a Will is valid without a Probate court order if in writing and signed by adult witnesses but often asset holders like banks and the Land Registry want the “Grant of Probate” to confirm the applicant has the authority to take control of the asset.

If there is a dispute about the validity of a Will or the amounts beneficiaries are receiving, etc, then we can help you too with our decades of successful experience. We encourage and support the use of mediation to resolve disputes especially when family or friends are involved but if there is no settlement then we can also help you ask the court to resolve the deadlock (litigation).

Estate disputes are growing with the increase in land value, in addition to any concerns about the terms of a Will. We can help - we have decades of successful experience solving disputes.

We have decades of successful experience helping thousands of different people with their different legal needs so we can help you too with both Probate and the Administration of an estate even if there is no Will!

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