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What is the difference between a Mediator, an Arbitrator and a Parenting Coordinator?

parents and a mediator

I have over 30 successful years of experience helping thousands of different people resolve their disputes, both business & personal, whether with a personal partner or a business partner. After more than 30 years of solving disputes, I encourage my clients to try mediation when possible to at least reduce the issues in dispute.

A Mediator is a trained professional who helps the parties identify the actual issues in dispute. A Mediator does not decide any issue, instead they help the parties resolve the dispute rationally and are often successful. Since a Mediator is neutral in the process, a Mediator cannot give legal advice even if a lawyer - each person needs a lawyer for independent legal advice. Note - there are always consequences for every decision so never agree to anything without first asking a lawyer about the consequences of your choices.

An Arbitrator is a private decision-maker like a judge. An Arbitrator decides an issue privately instead of going to court which is public. The arbitration process is similar to a court process except that the parties decide on the rules of the process as part of the Arbitrator retainer process. However the price of this privacy is the cost of a private arbitration.

A Parenting Coordinator is like a private arbitrator on call to help when there is a problem implementing orders or agreements.

After 3 decades solving disputes, We Can Help

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