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When do you have to pay Child support after separation - and how much?

When do you have to pay Child support after separation - and how much is payable in British Columbia ?! Since support is the right of every child, child support is payable even if the parents never had a relationship (except of course for at least the one moment) let alone lived together or married.

The amount of child support used to depend on the court having to analyze the child expenses as well as incomes of both parents to determine how much support was payable - especially if there was shared parenting. However, a great deal of court time had to be spent, as well as increased conflict over money between the ex-spouses, and different child support amounts would be payable for different children for a variety of factors. Thus in 1997 the Federal Child Support Guidelines, per section 26 of the Divorce Act, were proclaimed in force by the Governor General. Most of the Provinces including British Columbia then adopted this new legislation now known simply as the Child Support Guidelines.

The amount payable is mandatory unless the limited exceptions apply. The amount payable for child support is easily determined if neither parent is self employed - the Table in the Guidelines will tell you the Basic amount payable for necessities by using the Gross annual income from line 150 of the parent's tax return. Extraordinary expenses like braces are shared.

The calculation is far more complicated if self employed. 778-728-0208

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