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Are you looking for the best lawyer in British Columbia?

Are you looking for the best family lawyer or the best estate lawyer?

We can help you anywhere in British Columbia as well as the Metro Vancouver,

from Whiterock to Whistler and Sardis to Sechelt

Family Law

Separation, Divorce, Asset/Debt Division, Child Protection, Child Support or Parenting Arrangements.

Free Legal Fees

Free legal advice for Real Estate Sales. 

Estate Law

Estate Disputes, Probate applications, Wills and estate planning documents


Incorporation, Annual Reports, Records Office and Business Disputes

"Do not be fooled by Andrew's friendly, low-stress demeanour! Inside the courtroom, another version of him comes out. It really surprised me honestly. If you're thinking you need someone who will fight for your case but aren't sure if Andrew is the guy I'm here to tell you he definitely can. The trial that Andrew represented me in has just completed. I will miss him and recommend him. 

Adrienne E.

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