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Did I run out of time?

First of course is the caveat - THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE!

This is only general information. No writing on the internet for the public to read is legal advice - legal advice is your personal lawyer telling you about your personal legal issue. ​ Also the law is often different in each jurisdiction, such as in different Provinces and States. Further, the unique facts of your case can require different legal advice.

Always talk to an experienced lawyer in your jurisdiction. ​ ​As i wrote earlier, there are time limits to give notice of your claim or complaint, regardless of who or what you are complaining about. For example, most people have heard about the two year limit in filing a claim for damages suffered in a motor vehicle accident.

But Appeals have a very short time limit eg 30 days from when the Order was pronounced! ​ ​The usual time limitations were suspended as a result of Covid-19 but that suspension has now expired.

You MIGHT still have a few extra days to file your Claim or Appeal you thought had expired a year ago but each legal subject can be different - talk to a lawyer now ! 778-728-0208

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