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​It is difficult to protect your personal information just from normal daily internet use but obviously what is much worse is when an EX posts nude images of you out of spite, known as "revenge porn".  Now there is a new option to combat the wrong.

​You should always complain to the police if someone has done you wrong but your facts had to fit the wording of a specific criminal charge like theft or assault.  In 2014 the Canadian Criminal Code was amended to add specific authority to remove unauthorized images and provide for penalties.

The latest CCC section 162.1 provides for a penalty of up to 5 years in jail for posting unauthorized "intimate images".The latest improvement in BC is the new legislation that now provides for an easy civil complaint process to the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT):  In addition, there is counseling and support for young people not just adults, without starting a CRT complaint, to help find a solution to remove unauthorized photos and videos as quick as possible: ​​​ 

​​The CRT process is an online application making this new solution to remove images and obtain damages more accessible than the traditional need to go into a courthouse.​​  You should still complain to the police because they can investigate and gather evidence for your civil complaint not just possible criminal charges.  You can also consider the Court option instead of the CRT.

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