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What is Justice, Just a predictable result, or Is It a Point Being Made?

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What is Justice, Just a predictable result, or Is It a Point Being Made?

I encourage you to see the movie And Justice For All - think about the point being made. Even in Canada, people complain about how a different Judge should be elected to give a more just Judgment.

Think about it - having a judge worried about pandering to his special interest groups funding his re-election?! How do you expect equal justice for all if the judge is worried about what certain people think? Justice should mean a predictable result based on a reasonable interpretation of the legislation enacted by the elected politicians. Politicians make law reflecting the majority opinion of society.

Judges have the tough job of applying the law to different facts presented by different people doing different things at different times in different places. Most people understand that Justice is what the majority would predict as fair, that it is logical and predictable even if it means that you or some you know is held accountable for something they did.

Justice is simply the fair and even application of the same rules to all. Justice is not seen to be done if the rule, or law, is not applied the same way to different people. Luckily, in Canada we do not elect our judges so our judges are not concerned about what any special interests might think - our Judges are only concerned about applying the law in a consistent manner so the law is predictable.

Judges first identify the relevant facts proven by the evidence, then apply the law to the facts.

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