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Two newspaper articles that were in the Vancouver Sun about two different legal claims being dismissed emphasize the need for good legal advice before you file a legal claim. See: "Judge rules against Vancouver woman whose face was bitten by friends' dog at a dinner party", Story by David Carrigg, and "Woman evicted for breaking rules at B.C. Airbnb sues — and loses" Story by Susan Lazaruk.

After 30 years of experience helping thousands of people, we know it is necessary to have evidence to prove all relevant facts and to research the relevant law because a Court can only make a decision based on the evidence and law, NOT feelings. And if you lose your court case, you will likely have to pay the other party Costs in addition to all the time and legal costs you spent preparing for, then attending the trial.

The first step is always to analyze objectively Who did What When and Where, then identify if any legal wrongs occurred. It is legality not morality which defines what legal breach(es) occurred and it is only breaches of legal duties that a court can enforce. For example, telling a person in a private conversation some lies about their appearance is not likely a legal wrong no matter how mean, unless fear was caused.

But if these lies are told in public and believed by third parties causing a loss of reputation then those facts could create the legal wrong of slander.

We have decades of successful experience.

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