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YOU WILL SAVE MONEY if you list the sale of your home with us FIRST!! As a lawyer registered with, we are part of an approved program allowing registered Lawyers and Realtors to share the standard MLS fee to include all the normal conveyance legal costs PLUS giving you legal advice from the start - saving you huge dollars!! Instead of you paying all of the MLS fee to only your realtor then paying legal costs at the end of the sale, instead you retain us FIRST then we help you retain a realtor so you can receive all the benefits of both professionals including legal advice from the start of the process for no extra money. BUT your savings only happen if you sign with us first BEFORE you sign any listing agreement with any realtor. As soon as you sign the usual listing agreement with a realtor you lose all these benefits and savings because it is natural that realtors do not want to share the MLS fee. You can still use a RelexInc realtor of your choice BUT only if you sign with us FIRST so we can protect your right to have all these benefits for no extra cost! NOTE – it is only if you retain us FIRST that you get both registered professionals from the start of the real estate process, with legal advice included, and SAVE all the normal legal fees you have to pay in a conveyance. ASK US FOR INFORMATION BEFORE YOU SIGN ANY AGREEMENT! 778-728-0208

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1 Comment

Dean Ziyone
Dean Ziyone
Aug 09, 2023

The next MLS listing I'm involved with I will have to give this a try.

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