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Should I go to Court?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023


We all want the law and process to be simple but that is not reality. Even with all court rules and laws available online, it is highly recommended that you obtain legal advice to confirm your options.

​In British Columbia, there are two courts available to sue for wrongs: the Supreme Court and the Small Claims division of the Provincial Court. The Small Claims Court process is designed to be simpler but has limits on the type of claims it can solve. The Supreme Court has far fewer restrictions, but it is a more formal and complicated process that can be intimidating and with much higher court costs to pay if you lose. ​

NOTE - there is also an online tribunal to mediate or arbitrate some civil issues. ​In any event, the important information to remember is that there is often a two-year time limit to sue, and the court cannot read minds nor make assumptions about facts so you must find all evidence (people and paper) to prove all relevant facts (Who, What, When, Where) to prove your Claim.

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