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UNbundled Legal Services

Have you heard of UNbundled legal services ? Traditionally you retain a professional to do everything they think is best for you whether a physician or accountant or lawyer etc - you retain the professional for the whole bundle of services related to the issue eg custody battle or challenging a Will.

Of course you can end your retainer of any professional at any time but this unlimited kind of retainer is what scares most people about going to a lawyer because you do not know what the total cost might be. UNbundled services is where you hire us for only for a specific task not for the whole bundle. You keep the responsibility for doing everything that is necessary eg for your court case and just hire a lawyer for an hour of advice or to draft one document etc.

With the option of UNbundled services you CAN afford legal advice and the specific help you decide. We can help = 778-728-0208;

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